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(2nd New York premier this year!)

Nov 2013 —  Tiger Tiger is a piece for seven harps which is being performed 5 times by the Crane Harp Ensemble in and around New York City this month (November).  The concerts are part of the Composer's Voice: Fifteen Minutes of Fame series, run by Vox Novus.  

See the performance on Youtube: 

Programme note:  'This piece traces the reduction in the global tiger population since 1970 as estimated by the WWF. A sequence of twelve descending pitches reduce, gradually, to one. One pitch represents 3,200 tigers; the current estimate. Hence, the initial twelve pitches equal 38,400 tigers, which is the approximate estimate for 1970.'


Sept 2013 — Concerto for Long-distance Walker, my new 15-minute piece for orchestra, is now finished. The melodic material derives from topographical data taken from a fifteen-day walk I did in the Pyrenees in 2010. The piece is a celebration of the experience of long-distance walking, of the recognition that this simple, most independent mode of transportation can move a tiny figure across a vast landscape, and of the ordinary, yet extraordinary skill of swinging one foot past the other in a perpetual halting of the forward fall. The piece is dedicated to Richard Long and to Robert McFarlane, both of whom have made (an) art of walking, and to walkers everywhere.


June 2013 — Juice Vocal Ensemble performed my piece You may not want to be here no less than SEVEN TIMES(!) at this year's Spitalfield Summer Music Festival.  The performance took place in Dennis Severs' house as part of Scanner: Flow Forms.  Sounded very atmospheric; wish I was there.


May 2013 — Premier of a new one-minute piece Dispute for solo cello in Jan Hus Church, New York City on Sunday May 19th.  The concert is part of the Composer's Voice:  Fifteen Minutes of Fame series, run by Vox Novus.  The cellist is Craig Hultgren.  A second performance of the piece is at Moonlight on the Mountain, Birmingham, Alabama on May 29th. 

Dispute - Program Note: An altercation between two voices with differing points of view. The voices are formed of two textures: one is of swirling harmonics and the other is a gradually roused bouncing spiccato.  A brief, third, plucking idea (another voice?) is derived from the hammering-on and pulling-off of a rock guitarist.



May 2013 — New piece for two sopranos and piano The Foxes Broke My Angel's Wing - was performed in Richmond, London, on May 4th by Soprano Soprano. It's about an annoying fox incident that happened in my garden.



May 2012 — Very excited to learn that the film Beached (for which I recently composed the music!) has won the 2012 Southend on Sea Film Festival’s short film competition (adult fiction).  The film was written by Elizabeth Heery and directed by Sally Millest.


May 2012 — ‘Closet Music’ . . . This is a really interesting project, the brainchild of composer Janet Oates. A collection of unusual scores is to be published; unusual in that they are not intended to be realized through performance, but through the reader’s imagination. Closet-music pieces are intended for private consumption and follow in the long tradition of Closet dramas  (wikipedia).  My contribution to the project is a piece called Gull . Horn . Bone for gulls, kettle drums, quayside trombones, and the fog horns of ships in harbour. Despite the aims of the project, I don’t rule out the possibility of a future performance!